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Per second, up to 426 articles are ordered on Amazon worldwide and sent all over the world. How does it work? It is logistics that makes it possible.

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Have you ever wondered where the jam at the supermarket comes from?


Initially, the different ingredients are bought from different countries around the world.


The jam is then produced. The different ingredients must be available in the production process.


After production, the product must be well packaged to ensure the quality and freshness of the product.


Different transport modes can be used to guarantee that the jam is available in the supermarket.

Distribution and close delivery

This may require a transshipment to distribution centres from which the various supermarkets are supplied.


At the end, the jam is available for you in the supermarket after only a short time.

Vienna’s delicate

Here you can find an exciting case study with different tasks around the transport route of jam.



The volume of goods transported by truck, ship and rail across the EU is around 2,100 billion tonnekilometres per year – in other words, the Eiffel Tower could, for example, be transported 5,200 times around the world. These transports must be planned economically and in a way, that conserves resources.


Business logistics clerk

"The warehouse, which is regarded as an important hub between suppliers and customers, is your place to work! You don't have a classic office job and as a specialist in warehousing you take care of the shortest possible storage times, low storage costs and fast delivery to customers."

Apprenticeship: 3 years
School: 9-10 weeks of blocked lessons/apprenticeship per year
Completion: apprenticeship-leave examination (LAP)
admission requirement: 9-year compulsory school attendance and apprenticeship in a training company
Further education opportunities: Apprenticeship with school leaving exam and study is afterwards possible

Further Details

Possible areas of activity:
- You take care of the goods in the warehouse - take them in and thus have a lot of contact with people.

- You control, store and dispatch the goods - you deal with the optimal storage conditions, monitor the stock level and participate in the creation of operational storage concepts.

- You enjoy working with modern information and communication media, IT systems and technical equipment - precise planning is particularly important in the warehouse.

- You also enjoy working with figures, accounting and evaluating statistics and data.

Possible companies:
Commercial, industrial, trading companies (medium to large companies) Forwarding agencies and transport companies

For further information, follow the links hereafter:
Career Information Computer (German)
AMS Career Video (German)
Professional encyclopedia (German)
Schools and further education in Austria (German)

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How is it

Daily - around the clock - worldwide: Thanks to smooth transport planning, the optimum interaction of the different transport modes and the use of the latest technologies, your goods arrive at the right time in the right place and quantity.

What is

The basis for smooth, resource-saving transport planning is know-how and knowledge. High-quality teaching and learning opportunities on the various transport modes and their use are needed in order to be optimally prepared for the demands of the profession.

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Then please visit our information pages on the various transport modes (combinations). Here you will find an interesting range of materials such as case studies, presentations, exercises and specialist lectures, transport school labs and much more. Free of charge and without registration.

All offers are free of charge. All our created content can be shared, used and adapted free of charge.

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